System Global (414) 469-7877

Answers to Real-World problems don’t come in a box or off-the-rack from some pitch man who promises a quick fix.  Answers come from careful personal attention to detail and experience in problem solving.

System Global is a network of seasoned professionals selected by me, the owner, who have exceptional talent providing actionable information that allows you to run your business more efficiently.

We are dedicated to making things work whether you need help with hardware/network infrastructure, installations, administration, migration or application systems.

Our primary focus is Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.  We provide end-to-end solutions from requirements to user training and everything in-between: Data Modeling, ETL, Reporting, and Dashboards.

I have 30 years of experience in Manufacturing, Retail, Insurance, Banking, Marketing, Health Care, Land Management, Facilities, and Utility companies.

We have satisfied customers from Boston to Bejing and from Calgary to Guatemala City.  Give me a call to discuss your needs and if I cannot help you, I will direct you to someone who can.


Jim Bray